About Us

Surbiton Cleaning Limited is a company which relies on professionalism and devotion in order to provide competitive cleaning services in the area. Our goal has always been to satisfy our customers fully when it comes to any type of sanitation project. This has driven us forward for the past decade. The company was established with the clear goal to become the leading name in the cleaning sector and it is safe to say that we are already there.

Our management and experts demand a lot from the technicians working for us. Fortunately all of our workers have responded perfectly as they give us their full effort daily. We are happy to have a staff of energetic and bright people ready to call the extra mile for every client we have. We also have upper management prepared to speak with each client regardless of the amount of business they are bringing to us. Workshops and training seminars are held internally so that we can constantly improve and remain in a great shape as a team.

We also follow all the trends when it comes to providing efficient but at the same time “green” cleaning services in London. We are proud of the knowledge we possess and the actions we have taken to preserve the environment. Our people get informed and receive updates on new commercial cleaning supplies and materials. Thus we are able to buy only equipment which is not harmful to nature or the homes of our customers.

Our tools and materials are odourless and are not bleach based. We never use toxic detergents and there is no need to quarantine your premises after our cleaning jobs.

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